About this blog

There is so much excitement on the internet about Low Dose Naltrexone that no doubt there are many of our readers out there who have questions about it – not wanting to miss out. And there are lots and lots of websites that appear to provide lots and lots of information on it – the obvious example being www.lowdosenaltrexone.org.

But, it always seems to us that websites like these mostly assume that we, the people, want to acquire general knowledge, when what we’re looking for is people who who can provide  answers to specific questions – as we’re always saying, answers which may have lots of links in them but are no more than can fit on an A4 in page in length. And it always seems to us that there is a shortage of such people, not just in the area of health care, but in all areas, which we find both fascinating and aggravating.

This is just a new blog, and it may be that there are lots of people out there who answer questions in this way – but we bet there aren’t! Time will tell.

We note that www.lowdosenaltrexone.org has an ordinary email address readily available – email@lowdosenaltrexone.org – which is a promising start.

We have next to no knowledge of Low Dose Naltrexone ourselves – our function is to comb the internet looking for those who answer our questions and those of our readers the best, and to share information on these with our readers.

For your comments and answers to any questions we may be able to provide, and to provide us with any relevant information you may have, email us at mail@medicalquestionsandanswers.net

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