Low Dose Naltrexone Specialist Doctors in Low Dose Naltrexone – Sydney

We find this quite remarkable.

In the last month or so, this email has been sent to 16 Sydney Neurologists.

Only one of those who responded claimed to have any knowledge of LDN at all, and he was decidedly unenthusiastic about it’s benefits. For the rest, these responses were typical:-

“Dr XXX advices that he has no expertise in this area and is unaware of others who may be able to assist.”

And this from a 13 Neurologists practice:-

“None of the Drs at this practice prescribe low dose Naltrexone or have expertise in this area. Sorry.”

You’d think that there’d be one doctor in the whole of Sydney who’d bothered to learn about it – but if there is, we haven’t found him or her yet. Perhaps there are readers who know of someone.

The real irony is that, if any of the things that are being said about LDN are true, there must be doctors out their whose lives would be so much better, perhaps even saved, if they knew about it.

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