Recommended Pharmacies – as suppliers of Low Dose Naltrexone

The website has a list on it of 9 pharmacies, with their phone and fax numbers, said to be “known to be reliable compounders of LDN,” shown at the end of this post. We have added their websites and ordinary email addresses, if available, as follows.

Belmar Pharmacy, Golden, CO Website: Ordinary email address:

The Canandaigua Medicine Shoppe, Canandaigua, NY Website: Website won’t open.

The Compounder, Aurora, IL Website: No ordinary email address or email form found.

McGuff Compounding Pharmacy, Santa Ana, CA Website: Ordinary email address:

The Medicine Store Pharmacy, Concord, NH Website: No ordinary email address or email form found.

Metro Drugs Integrative Pharmacy, New York, NY Website: Ordinary email address:

Skip’s Pharmacy, Deerfield Beach, FL Website: Email Form.

Dickson Chemist, Glasgow, Scotland Website:  Ordinary email address:

Smith’s Pharmacy, Toronto, Canada Website: Ordinary email address:

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