The best ways to learn about Low Dose Naltrexone 2

There are two organisations that we know of that are dedicated to helping those interested in using Low Dose Naltrexone – the LDNresearchtrust and LDNscience – and they are both very useful in helping us to learn about it.

But of course, the best way to learn about it is for us to know of a person or people who can provide us with high quality answers to our questions about it as they occur.

Someone once said, “Whatever technology enables, happens.”

But what technology enables, of course, is for there to be people for whom it’s worthwhile money wise to be doing just that – providing high quality answers to our questions as they occur, for reasonable fees, of course. But, and this has fascinated us for years – it doesn’t seem be happening!

As we’ve been saying for years, “We have a dream!” – and that is of there being people we can email, they have to have an ordinary email address, who have a particular field of expertise, and who, if they can’t provide provide a high quality answer to any questions we may ask them, may be, and we emphasise, may be, able to suggest someone who can. But this just doesn’t seem to happening!

Of course, there’s JustAnswer, which claims to be in the business we’re taking about. That the Wikipedia article on it indicates that it has 150 employees, which, we assume are just occupied in directing questions to various experts, of which there may be thousands, indicates that there must be demand for this sort of thing. But there are two problems with JustAnswer.

Firstly, that they are the ones who decide who each question goes to. You want to be able to make that choice – if you find someone who provides good answers, to keep using them, and if  someone hasn’t provided a very good answer, not to use them in the future.

Secondly, that before any question is answered you have to provide a deposit of five dollars, and complaints abound on the internet of the account details being provided in providing the five dollars deposit being used by JustAnswer to take money to which they’re not entitled. This is an example:-

Readers, if you have a question about Low Dose Naltrexone, use our email address to send it to us – if are able to provide a high quality answer, unlikely, but we’ll send it to you, or if we know of a person who can provide you with a high quality answer, also unlikely, we’ll let you know their details – either way we can guarantee it won’t cost you a cent.

And, if any of our readers know of anyone who’s the type of person we’re talking about, please, please, please, let us have their details so we can pass them on to all our other readers.

A comment and/or a question? Email us at

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