The LDN book 1

We have recently become aware of this book:-

and these reviews on it.

A note on its author/editor.

For more on it, use this link.

You would think that if there was any widespread interest in Australia in Low Dose Naltrexone at all, that you could visit just about any bookshop in Australia and buy a copy of what seems to be such a valuable book on the subject. But no, when we sought to buy it at one particular bookshop, we were told that not only did they not have it in stock, but that there wasn’t a bookshop in the whole of Australia that had it in stock – so we had to put an order in to get a copy from overseas involving a delay of 2 or 3 weeks before it arrived.

To us, this is just typical of a situation which we’re finding to be more and more extraordinary – how nothing seems easy for those who might want to try using LDN. This sort of thing, along with how hard it seems to be to find doctors who know anything about it, let alone who are prepared to prescribe it. And the fact, that even if we ever got a prescription, we’re not expecting it to be easy to find a pharmacy to fill it.

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